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Design & Development

With fantasy, empathy and a comprehensive knowledge of the business, our designers create toys with high demand and recognition value.

We put the consumer at the centre of our thinking and create unique products with a clear brand signature.

How we make ideas

State-of-the-art product technology

Visionary ideas, professional skills and cutting-edge production technologies are the three pillars of our product engineering.

Our own development and production is based in specialized facilities in Germany, France, Spain, Hungary, Great Britain, Thailand – with further production facilities in China – and still growing.

All this enables us to bring strong-selling products on the market which guarantee top quality standards.

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Commodities & sustainability

Children love us, parents trust us. We have a strong obligation to both.

With the choice of our materials we ensure that they are worry-free for children.

This fact we guarantee as an international certified producer of toys.

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We are at home in the toy business.

Via branch offices and distribution partners we export our product range of toys worldwide.

With our imaginative toys produced in a quality befitting children, we bring happiness to kids and parents.

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